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Safurnco SA (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1957 to serve Iscor Steel's planned expansion in Vanderbijlpark. A small combustion company called Protectair bought Safurnco from its then owners, Blue Circle Cement, in 1984, the name Safurnco was retained. Safurnco continued to service the Iron & Steel Industry as well as the Power Generation (namely Eskom) Industry.

Over the years Safurnco gradually dropped most of their Metal Processing product range in order to specialise in the Combustion Field. Safurnco have over the last 26 years been a family owned business, until being sold to the present owners in 2005. Safurnco then bought Credfeld (Pty) Ltd,also a combustion company, in 2007 and have thereby established themselves as the leading combustion company to the Power Generation Industry in sub Saharan Africa.

Hamworthy Combustion's Power Division has over 80 years' experience in burner and combustion systems application and installation throughout the world. Offering clients unrivalled technological knowledge and application expertise in all types and designs of water tube boilers.

All aspects of combustion burner and system technology are covered including Burner Management, Combustion Control, Valve Systems, Flame Scanners and Ignition Systems, as well as Pumping, Heating and Filtering Systems. Meeting the requirements of all major relevant global certification authorities including I SO 9000, NFPA 85 etc.



Safurnco supply a range of advanced power burners and control systems that significantly reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants, including NOx and unburned particles. Through the use of world- leading development and testing facilities, our customers can ensure equipment and systems comply with international emission standards prior to on site installation. For the power industry, Safurnco can supply oil and gas burners and associated equipment for large power and industrial water/ steam boilers, including air and thermal heaters and kilns.

These include:
•    Burner management & combustion control systems
•    Flame monitors, Igniters & Pilots
•    Light up & low CV burners
•    High-energy ignition systems

Our register burners all offer a unique range of application flexibility for any project:
•    2 to 100MW per burner 
•    High turndown ratio
•    Individual and multi- fuel
•    Low emission design
•    Low excess air


The refinery, petrochemical and process industries are served by an impressive range of Hamworthy Combustion burners. These use cutting edge technology developed at Hamworthy’s Combustion Technology Centre in the UK.

Amongst the main products are:
•    Burners for fired Heaters, Reformers & Crackers    
•    Revolutionary split phased technology for ultra-low NOx performance
•    Performance testing


Safurnco’s range innovative ultra-low NOx burners are at the forefront of packaged burner technology worldwide. Our range of products cover small and medium size hot water and steam boilers including air heaters, kilns and thermal heaters.


The world Centre of Excellence for Flare Technology is based at Milan in Italy. From here, components and complete turnkey systems are executed throughout the world for land and offshore use. Safurnco’s Thermal Oxidiser Systems cover a vast range of liquid and gaseous incineration requirements, both on and offshore.


For complete integration with our burner range, we also design, build and install our own state of the art boiler and burner control systems, thereby integrating our customers' own preferred supplier within these systems. All our systems are engineered to deliver flawless control of your burners and can incorporate:

•    Relay logic
•    Micro-processor control
•    Programmable logic control
•    Fail safe operation
•    Dual or triple redundancy


Our scanners can be supplied with Infra Red, Ultra Violet or Ultra Violet Visible head detectors which will detect all oil, coal and gas flames. Our scanners can be supplied with Infra Red, Ultra Violet or Ultra Violet 
Visible head detectors which will detect all oil, coal and gas flames. Equipment is suitable for installation in safe areas or 
hazardous areas up to Zone 0, offering the following benefits:

•    Ease of installation
•    Flexible sitting arrangements
•    High level of discrimination
•    Easy to read outputs
•    Failsafe operation to EN 298 EN 230


We supply a comprehensive range of ignition systems that can safely and reliably operate in a broad range of conditions and with a full spectrum of fuel types. The 685 igniter combines high tension spark technology with ionisation flame detection. It will operate with natural gas, propane, butane or refinery gas.

HE Ignition:
Our high energy solid state spark igniter has been designed to ignite heavy fuel oil quickly and reliably. It can be supplied as a portable unit or trolley-mounted.


In order to minimise their own engineering involvement, major process and power generators of today are increasingly looking for complete turnkey services in their major project bids. Safurnco are able to offer the following related equipment:

•    Fuel Oil Heaters & Pumps
•    Filtration Systems
•    Pumping & Heating Sets
•    Trace Heating

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Precision Burners provides all our installation, maintenance and refurbishment requirements, including:

•    Sales & Services of Burner Equipment
•    Fault Finding & Maintenance of Fuel Oil Plant on Mechanical/Electrical & C&l Disciplines
•    Fault Finding & Maintenance of Sootblower Plant on Mechanical/Electrical & C&l Disciplines
•    New Installation's on Field Instrumentation & Commissioning of Plant's
•    Refurbishment of Burner Block's and Igniter's
•    Panel wiring of control Unit's/Panel's & Switchgear's
•    Calibration of Instrument's/Valves
•    Pressure/Temperature/Flow measurement
•    Refurbishment of Positive displacement Pump's
•    Do Red Line on Existing Plant's (P&ID Drawing's)
•    Refurbishment on Shut down's/Outages on Instrumentation Equipment, Loop check’s, Valve stroke check’s


The Hamworthy Combustion Technology Centre in the UK is one of the largest combustion test facilities in the world. The facility comprises of 15 burner test chambers from l00kW to I00MW, including a 60MW, Thermal Unit specifically for Power Burners. The facilities fire a full range of project-specific liquid, gaseous and blended fuels. With continuing investment in the latest computational fluid dynamic (CFD) technology and state-of the-art telemetry and emissions instrumentation, the Centre's innovative R&D keeps Safurnco at the cutting edge of combustion technology world-wide. In addition to in-house development work, the Combustion Technology Centre is availableto trial and customise burners and systems for individual client applications. Products are tested and developed under precise working conditions before they are installed in customer facilities. The centre also provides customers with a rolling programme of specialist technical training, to keep pace with latest developments in combustion technology.


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